Frequently Asked Questions


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1. Can one enter late? 

Yes, but contestants who enter late start on the day they enter, and will need to print screen the equity in their account at the close of the day so that we can determine the correct starting value.


2. Can I add or remove money from the specified account?

Yes, but in this instance, we will need to see an equity run for the account on the days monies were added/removed so we can properly determine the compounded performance. 

3. How will you promote me if I do well? 

The main reason for participating in these competitions is to get recognition to increase your assets under management. We will make every effort to assist you in that regard. In addition to your performance being listing on our website, we will send out press releases on your behalf and contact individual reporters in your area who may be particularly interested. As you can see from the attached examples of the extensive coverage we have received, many financial publications are interested in covering talented money managers.